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Which winter tires do I need for my passenger car?

In the summer, tire traction rarely crosses your mind. Warm, and dry weather usually doesn't call to mind the grip of your tires on the road, much less the amount of tread it might take to get through a snowbank. But is winter is on the way, or is already here, and those summer tires will need an upgrade. For safety in the wintertime, you will need tires capable of griping through wet snow, rain and water, able to keep you on the road no matter the weather. While there are many different kinds of winter tires to choose from, nearly as many as there are cars to put them on, there is an optimal tire for your vehicle. How can you make the right

choice for your car and your driving needs?

First, you'll need to ask yourself a few simple questions, and locate your owner's manual (or download one from the internet):

1: What tires are recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle? This is where that owner's manual comes in handy. Look at the tires listed in the manual (or the manufacturer's website). They may not always be listed by brand, but they will usually be listed by type, with specifications and sizes.

2: What kind of driving do you do? How many miles over what kind of roads? This can be a good gauge of the kind of tires you may need.

3: Climate and weather. Do you live in an area that usually sees a lot of snow, is it a more moderate climate, or maybe a sunny one?

After you answer these questions, take the quiz below to see which brand, or type, of winter tire would be suit you, your driving, and your vehicle.

Do you have a passenger car or sedan?
Do you commute?
Is your driving mostly city miles?
Is there a lot of snow in your area?
Is price a consideration?
Are studded allowed on your local roads?