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Which wireless internet provider should I choose?

In this day and age, wireless internet is a necessity. Most of us have internet and a WiFi connection in our homes for our personal computing needs. What about when you're on the go? Many people utilize the WiFi connection in places such as coffee shops, shopping malls, and libraries, but sometimes people just want to sit in the park and work on their laptops or tablets. Having your own wireless internet provider for when you're out and about can provide a refreshing change of pace from the crowded coffee shop. The top wireless internet providers are: AT&T with an extensive reach and network, Comcast provided as a service of their cable

but available separately as well, and Cox, while not as big as the others offers some of the highest speeds of the three. Which one you decide to go with really depends of your needs.

There are many companies that offer wireless internet service. Most of them are mobile phone service providers that have branched out to offer internet to a broader market. Some wireless internet providers are home and business internet service providers that have recognized the growing market of individuals who want to work from outside the home. Flexibility is very important in the age of small businesses and solopreneurs who want to get the edge on the competition.

There are many questions to ask when deciding on a service provider. You need to find one that fits your budget and your data needs. The company you choose should also be a major provider in your area you want to make sure you're in their network. Finally, you need to make sure that they don't charge roaming data fees if you need to utilize their service out of network. These questions should help you decide which internet provider you should choose.

Do you currently subscribe to a home internet service?
Do you subscribe to a cell phone service?
How much data do you use on a monthly basis?
Do you need to worry about roaming fees?
What is your budget?
Do you have a family plan?
How fast do you need your wireless internet to be?
Will you use the internet for work or pleasure?