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Should I have a Baby?

Deciding to have a baby is a large and important question that many people face in their lives. It is a decision that should take a great deal of time and consideration before an answer is made. Many people don't realize it until it's too late that having a baby requires a great deal more than just love and attention. Sure, raising a baby properly does require a certain level of love and compassion but there is so much more to consider. Whether you are intending to have the baby as a single parent or with a partner, you should consider all aspect of having a child and the decide if you are ready. A child should always be wanted and never needed.


far one of the most important considerations in raising a child is whether or not you can afford it. Remember that this means beyond getting all the baby supplies and affording the health costs associated with motherhood. Raising a child means that you will be able to support them from birth to adulthood. On average, I child will cost you well over $250,000 by the time they reach the age of 18, and then the college bills will start coming. Are you ready to make that kind of financial commitment?

Beyond the financial commitment required of having a baby there are also other considerations you need to make. Maybe you are comfortable in your home right now, and like the way it is. A child will be a new addition to your home and disrupt the balance. Are you willing to cope with that? Have you considered how a child may affect your marriage? Is your partner as interested in having a child as you are? Do you think you will be a supportive and positive role model for your child? What we're trying to say is that you should never just jump into having a child, or decide to have one for the wrong reasons. Allow this questionnaire to help you in your process of deciding whether or not you should have a baby.

Do you and your partner both want a child?
How much does your household make in a year?
Why do you want a child?
Do you have much experience with young children and babies?
What's the longest you have kept a job?
Will you or your partner be able to cut back on work hours to take care of the child?
When pregnant will you be able to stop drinking/smoking/using drugs?
Have you read at least one parenting guide?
Do you have space in your home for a new child?
Would you consider yourself a healthy person?