Few things can help your feet stay comfortable all day like a high-quality pair of socks. But finding a comfortable pair of socks isn't so easy. If you are going through the day where you can't wait to take off your socks, you most likely don't have the right sock. The best quality socks offer great support, cushioning, and breathability that makes them a pleasure to wear throughout the day, whether you are at home or at work. The top brands on the market include Bombas, Gold Toe, Dickie's, Hanes and Saucony. Among these companies, you can find pair of socks that suit your personality and provide exceptional comfort as you go about your day.

When it comes to sock length, you want to choose an appropriate length. If you want to showcase your shoes, the shorter the sock, the better. Ankle socks are ideal in that regard, but if your shoes provide a little more coverage then quarter socks may be better in terms of support. Ankle socks are great for a casual look and for working out. Meanwhile, mid-calf and knee-high socks provide even more coverage that you'll especially need for boots.

You'll also find socks in a variety of styles.  Socks don't have to be just functional; you can make a fashion statement too. Dress socks are ideal for formal wear and to wear at work when your job requires a suit and tie. Work socks are better for more active jobs. If its cold outside, wool socks usually work with just about everything. Casual wear socks can be a good fit with sneaker and around the house, but if you are going out for a run, you'll want a good pair of athletic socks. Compression socks are another terrific option for those with circulation problems.