Excess moisture that enters the air can lead to considerable damage to your health and home. A quality dehumidifier removes that moisture which helps prevent mildew and mold growth while eliminating allergens. The most common household location for dehumidifiers is the basement, where mold growth is the most prominent, but they can also be used in closets, where damp clothes are stored, or smaller areas like bathrooms, boats and RV's. Dehumidifiers work by forcing air over coolant filled coils to remove humidity. The remaining moisture drips from the coils into the basin or can be pumped out of the unit. The result is drier air expelled back into the area. Dehumidifiers are best at maintaining the ideal relative humidity level, which is the current absolute humidity to highest absolute humidity ratio. 

The best overall dehumidifier is the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 which is easy to set up, removes a significant amount of moisture from the air, and boast an easy-to-control digital display. This unit can operate continuously when located near a capable drain and features a 24-hour on/off timer, control lock, and digital humidity readout. For every 24-hours of operation, the Frigidaire captures 70 pints of moisture and allows the user to control the precise humidity percentage. The best portable dehumidifier is the Eva-Dry E-333 unit which is ideal for smaller areas. Dimensionally, this product is only 5-by-5 inches and can be placed in any location where humidity builds. Given its size, the Eva-Dry is perfect for under the kitchen sink and in closets, safes, RVs, boats or bathrooms. By using silica gel technology, this product can eliminate excessive moisture for up to ten years and operates without batteries or power making it completely silent. 

The best large-scale dehumidifier is the Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier which can remove moisture from areas up to 4,500 square feet with a 70 pint per day capacity. Using an advanced filtration and evaporation system that helps eliminate mildew, mold, and structural cracking, this dehumidifier also protects from mites, allergens, and other types of asthma triggers. The front features an easy-to-use LCD screen that presents the humidity, set ideal levels, adjust the fan speed, receive filter alerts, and program the 24-hour timer. 

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